Tuesday, November 17, 2015

September 2015

September finally came! We were all very anxious for this month to come because we had our very planned out Disney Trip planned!
The day before we left I think Hudson started to sense us leaving him for a week. But I didn't mind the cuddles.

 We went to an early sacrament meeting and came home, Grandma picked up Hudson and left. We then read the last page of the Book of Mormon together then jumped in the car and headed to California!

Sunday night we met up with our friends, the Williams and the Hammonds, and went to dinner at Downtown Disney together.

The next day was the beach since we didn't want to go to Disneyland on labor day. The weather was perfect for the beach and we all had a great time. I even got to ride some waves in thanks to a wetsuit I bought. Makes all the difference.
After the beach we all went to dinner together again.  The mom's and kids left early to let the kids run around on the hotel grass and get their energy out. After all the kids were in bed that night, me, Kelsey and Caraline met up at downtown Disney and ate sweets and hung out, that was fun!
Tuesday-Friday were all Disney Days! There is so much to say but I hope the pictures hold enough memories! It was wickedly hot the whole time but we managed to be positive and still enjoy everything, sweaty and all.
Highlights of day 1 were:
Baiden's shoe trick working and him getting to ride the 40 in rides
Both kids crying after the drop in splash mountain
The new light parade and firework show

 Highlights of Day 2 were:
Baiden walking into Cars Land. Meeting Mater & Mcqueen
Meeting Elsa and Anna
Ice Cream!
Kinzi riding River Rapids 6 times in a row
Baiden playing in the water by the waterfall on River Rapids
Kinzi riding Tower of Terror-she didn't cry until we were out of the building and did NOT want to ride it again. But I was proud of her for trying!
Baiden on Soaring over California.

 Highlights of Day 3:
We met most of the characters this day, which is my favorite part.
Kinzi and I having matching shirts.
Baiden meeting Captain America was my favorite thing of the whole trip. He was so starstruck.
Mickey Beinets
 Turtle talk with Crush
Baiden playing in the water once again

 Highlights of Day 4:
My least favorite but the kids LOVED toon town. We stayed there for 2 hours.
Surprisingly both kids really liked Star Tours
Losing Kinzi in the obstacle course at Cali Adventure=stressful.
Staying till the park closed at midnight with Hammonds

The kids impressed us with Baiden being the only to take a nap and only 1 day. They both crashed in the stroller only once and that was on the walk back to the hotel at midnight.  We enjoyed this trip a lot.  Both kids were able to ride everything but still enjoyed the smaller rides so I feel like we really did it all! Most of the bigger rides scared them both at first but once we did it again they liked it. Splash mountain was a hit after the first shock of it all-even though most of the pictures they look terrified. I also feel like we tried every frozen lemonade at the parks and had a good amount of yummy food. Although I just didn't get enough of the Dole Whips. Now Phil and I feel like we want to go again without the kids haha!

We missed Hudson but he had a great time at Aunt Raine's house instead.  They got him cupcakes for his birthday that we weren't there for and he was very happy with those. When I went to get him he cried when I picked  him up and wanted Aunt Raine very bad.  He warmed up on the drive home and then fell asleep.  We then made up and he forgave me once wer got home.

The Sunday after getting home we celebrated his birthday and had cake and ice cream with family.

 He loved that cake.

 And loved present time.

THEN, we used our tickets we bought in May and went to Wicked with our new friends/neighbors the Nelsons. Busy weeks.

 Incredible show. We were right in the middle in the 4th row and I feel like nothing will ever compare to those awesome seats. I loved watching the background company/dancers and the acting with the facial expressions. So good!
 Daddy had a fun idea to make homemade root beer one night. And of course we had some fun with the dry ice.
 Kinzi stopped Hudson from crying one morning by leaving a bread trail for him haha.

 Hudson has been super clingy since I left him. This is how I get ready now.
I don't remember why he was in there asleep, but I do remember asking Phil to go snap a picture.
After preschool one day I asked Baiden to lay down with me, and he was happy to do it.  Next thing I know, he's asleep.

Kinzi then finally got to go on the father-daughter campout.  The other years just didn't work out timing wise, so she was so excited to go this year.
Baiden on the other hand couldn't have been more upset.

Fun, very busy month, but made great memories.