Monday, March 7, 2011

How the?

So Kinzi has found her flowers and bows on her head and this is what she likes to do now...

Funny? Yes. She does it all the time. Especially when I am not looking. Like when were in the car.
Well today when I got her out when we got home, look what she did!

 She destroyed that flower!! How does that even happen? Kinz what am I going to do with you?

Then she realized what she had done.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grandpa Sure Would

Isn't he just one of those "cute" old men?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my Grandpa Sherwood's Funeral. It was a great Service. 
That man was truly inspiring.
It was fun to hear all the memories of him from his children.
My dad spoke and did a great job.
Want to know some fun things about Grandpa Sherwood? Well of course you do!

Honestly, funniest person ever. His jokes and sense of humor was classic.
He was 1 of 14 kids in his family. I know. BIG Sherwood reunions people.
He boxed, but also had polio. So one arm was not as strong as the other. Did that stop him? Nope. He was a tough guy. And as we heard at the funeral, one of his top phrases was "It only takes one of these buddy boy." If you knew him, you get it.
He probably wore a jump suit for most of his life time.
He has GIGANTIC hands. Sherwood hands. My dad got them, and so did I. Um thanks?
He also has the Sherwood uh, ummm, Uni brow. Yep. Had that one too. Until I was old enough to notice. My dad is sure proud of his own uni brow. In fact all the Sherwood men are proud if they have it. My dad always asks if the place between my eyebrows gets cold. And I always tell him I'm going to wax his off in the middle of the night.
My dad looks just like him.
Grandpa and Husband share a birthday. How cool is that.
In fact, the first time Phil met my family back in High School, Gramps was there.  I think one of the reasons why Phil married me was because my Grandpa was so funny.  It was at a party when Phil came and seriously Grandpa was making everyone laugh the whole time. I can't really remember what he was doing, but you had to be there to get it.
He has moves. I need to thank him for a lot of the rhythm I was blessed with. Well all of my brothers and sisters at least. Thanks Grandpa.
I remember him asking me every time he saw me if I was reading my scriptures and praying. He always taught me that if I ever needed the Lords help, whether it be on a test or trials, to pray. He would always be there. And that really stuck with me.
I could go on and on about this man. I know I have missed so many important things about him.  Any other cousins remember other funny things?

It was a good weekend to honor him. To see cousins, aunts, uncles that I have not seen in such a long time. Everyone is so grown up now, its weird.

But I couldn't help but be grateful all weekend. Grateful that I Know what I Know. Grateful for the plan of Salvation. Grateful for Eternal Families. Grateful for the Temple and Temple work.
Our Father in Heaven has blessed us so much to allow us to be with our loved ones forever if we make that choice.  That's one thing that has been such a blessing to know since I have been Married and also become a Mom. No matter what happens, I'll have my family. Forever.

I know Grandpa is doing the work on the other side. I learned how great of a missionary he was and I know that death did not end that for him. Death is not the end. Eternity lasts well, forever.