Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday/Valentines Week(end)

I had a good birthday-it mostly consisted of doing "make-up" homework from all the days i missed at choir tour-eh oh well. i guess it just shows im growing up haha. But Phil made my day wonderful! I came home from tour with an early b-day present-a wedding band! woo-i didnt have my ring the whole time in utah so it could be put on there! My hubby is the greatest! After i got caught up on my work I made myself a confetti cake (which i wanted to make it-phil offered but i just really wanted to make it haha) and we invited over like 3 people and ate and played some games. So it was good-and FUN! Then three days lata for valentines day i woke up early to head off to the ground breaking for the GILA VALLEY TEMPLE! I was able to sing in the choir and be right up where the speakers were. What an amazing experience. After that Phil and I went to his parents house to play a little baseball in the backyard. Then we got to go horseback riding! SOOO FUN! It had been a long time since i had been. That night we were both so dead-we went and got Ice cream and rented a movie! simple and fun!
But he didnt let the valentines weekend end there. Monday night he said he was going to run by to get the mail-but came back with bagels and flavored cream cheese-a cute little valentine bear thing haha and my new FAVORITE snack- minute maid frozen limade! MMMMM! He is wonderful-im so glad i married such a sweet person! He bought a pack of 8-i think there are like 3 left from monday haha, but really.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Utah Choir Tour!

SO this tour was AMAZING!!! so many awesome things happened!! We went for 5 days-and just had a blast. We did exchanges with about 6 schools I think, including BYU singers and YOUNG AMBASSADORS! We also gave a performance in the provo tabernacle and unexpectedly got to sing in the Salt Lake tabernacle after we attended the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's performance of "The Spoken Word." The guy who worked for the Mo tab said in his 17 years he has never seen a group be able to do that, NEVER. So we felt really privledged they let us go up there and sing after. There were so many other amazing experiences there that I wont be able to remember-actually a lot of spiritual ones. It was great! The bus ride was sooo long but I made so many new friends! We played cards and other games the whole time so it actually went by way fast!

This is our lil group from the 5 days! We played games non-stop...seriously though, everyone came to sit by us so they could play. ha thats how i met lots of choir friends.

I LOVE THOSE GLASSES!!! BUUUUUT, i left them at the YOUNG AMBASSADORS concert-im so sad!

This is us playing cards-we did it almost every night seriously!

Ok one night we got bored.........................keep looking. We took tons of sweet pics like this.

Told ya we got bored...

We bought matching slacks!


Mack WIlburg (director of Mo Tab) and the announcer guy for confrence haha!

We got hardly ANY sleep! BUT WHAT A FUN TRIP IT WASSS!