Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big 4!

Well it was our four month "anniversary" yesterday. We went to dinner at the oh so famous Golden Corral. I do like that place a lot-great rolls! Anyways, we stuffed ourselves pretty full and then we decided to carve some pumpkins to put outside our house. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday night was my only night off all week. I have practice for my Fall Sing concert tonight and tomorrow then thursday, friday and saturday is the concert. Plus im working on my 10 page research paper for english and another sociology project, and i have 2 test this week!! Needless to say, I am quite busy this week. But it was great to take the night off with Phil and have fun. Time is flying right now--4 months and loving it!

I had to add a bow...its my trademark


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ready to run....

Me and philip decided to go visit my family in pinetop this last weekend and it was great. I had not been there and seen everyone since my wedding and was missing the kiddos so much. The weekend turned out to be very eventful and fun and im so glad i went! Our whole family got together on sunday for some family things we needed to talk about and it was great to just have everyone around.

I have the cutest nephews and neices ever, i know. Our family keeps growing...and sam has another on the way woo hoo! These kids made the weekend even better!
I accidently posted thes pics backwards but oh well. Raine asked if i wanted to do a run/walk thing with her on saturday morning at 6:30. since im at least trying to get in better shape i thought it sounded fun. phil laughed when he heard it was that early in the morning haha i NEVER wake up any time close to that!! But it was a lot of fun doing it with lacey and raine. Raine got first i got second and lacey got third (in our division). haha and i have to mention raine wasnt really in our division but they put her in ours anyways, so i would of gotten first!! haha and she would of gotten first either way. eh oh well it was a really good thing to do and totally unlike me!!

And thats all for now, thanks for the pics raine. Right now im just TRYING to enjoy school the most i can. I dislike it more than i ever have, yet im putting in more effort that i ever have and doing better than usual. ha phil motivates me to, so that helps. Being married while in school is a really good thing i decided. It helps you focus more, even if you dont want to i guess. Im enjoying life, and trying to stay the most positive about events going on in my family. I know if we are faithful the lord will help us out. Life Is Good!