Monday, July 28, 2014

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks (8 month mark yeehaw)

Total weight gain: 22 lbs about. We came back from vacation and I had gained 4 extra lbs haha! PB m&ms and sour patch kids will do that to you. But luckily my weight has dropped off a little from that point haha. Whoops! 

Maternity clothes: Naturally. Same answer as last time. Anything that's comfy.

Stretch marks: Not on my stomach. I try not to look at the backside of myself.

Movements: All the time! He is a strong one. Sometimes when he kicks, I swear my whole body moves, not just my tummy.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding ring on or off: 90% of the time still on. But it does get uncomfortable sometimes in this heat, so it comes off.

Food cravings: Don't know if they are cravings but I'll list the things I have been eating most of. Avacado toast, green apples, vanilla Greek yogurt, DOUGHNUTS! I always want a freaking doughnut.

Symptoms: Headaches. Backaches. So much heartburn! Ugh. Pretty tired most of the time.

Looking forward to: Having this child!

Still been going to the gym a lot. But not doing anything hard. I just make sure I'm there for an hour. Usually I just walk, ride a bike, stretch and maybe light weights if I'm up to it. I usually don't want to do much.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

June 2014

June is one of the busiest months for us.  So many birthdays in our families and fathers day and our anniversary!
The month started off with swim lessons for the kids for 2 weeks.  I wasn't going to do them at all this year because we don't have a pool and I didn't think I would get out to a pool much anyways.  I found out a girl in my ward was doing them just down the street so I decided to go ahead with it. I'm so glad I did.  Kinzi only cried the first and second day and then warmed up really quick. Baiden, however cried/screamed the whole first week. But the funniest thing is, he never tried to run away or threw a fit. He did whatever she asked him to do, just while crying. By the second week he was all warmed up and the kids couldn't wait for swim lessons each day. Kinzi surprised me with how quickly she caught on and how fast she can swim!



One night in June, Phil had signed us up to feed the missionaries.  Ended up he had to work late and wasn't able to make it home so it was just the sisters and me with the kids. Oh what a crazy night.  Everything was cooked and ready in time, but keeping the kids happy while taking things out of the oven and setting the table and such was a nightmare.  At one point I was pulling the bread sticks out of the oven and look over to see them dumping cheese all into the salad and mixing it up with their little hands, that I'm sure were dirty. Then picking cheese pieces out and eating them.  I know the sisters felt bad for me. I felt like they were there to help me with the kids and clean my kitchen haha. They helped my kids eat all their dinner then helped with the dishes. It probably wasn't as bad as it seems in my mind, but man, I wont be doing that alone again!

We also attended my Grandpa Daly's funeral.  Sad to see him pass, but all of his kids were actually able to be there which was pretty cool.  And I don't get to see my Daly cousins a lot, so that was fun to have a little reunion.  That was the 5th funeral in 3 years I have attended.  They sure make you reflect on life and the gospel. My thoughts are always drifted back to Barton. How eager I am to see him again and how blessed I feel to know the plan of salvation and that families can be together forever.

Next event I can remember in June was fathers day! My memory is drifting from the events that happened that day.  The kids made some fun cards for him.  Kinzi's had a bunch of things she loved about her dad on them. Like having pillow fights and being pushed in the swing by him.  She also said she loves when he takes her to Disneyland haha.  We got him some more work shirts and a new pair of shoes. Kinzi was excited this time around to go up and sing for fathers day. And boy did she perform.  She told me numerous amounts of times that she was going to be brave and not cry-and she did great. Sang at loudly as she could from the pulpit actually. I can't remember even what I made for dinner, but I'm sure it was something good he picked out? But I remember dessert haha! He picked out ice cream and got reeses and whip cream to go on top.  The kids sure enjoyed that part, if you can tell by Baiden's face. I'm so lucky to have a husband who does so much as a dad.  He helps out so much with the kids and housework and such that I have never felt like I was doing it all alone.  He is the reason having kids has been so much fun. I know I can rely on him to take over when I'm just too tired to deal with the 2 crazies at the end of the day.

Next up was Kinzi's 4th Birthday!

 She suggested she do this picture...

This girl has one big personality and keeps me laughing all day, or is driving me nuts the other half.
I have been writing down every once in a while funny things she has said... These go back pretty far.

I was telling her about how Santa was watching her all the time and she needs to be good.  Well I dropped something and she said, "Santa is going to be mad at you mom."

She came out of her room from her nap very sad. I asked her what was wrong and her reply was, "You don't like me." Saddest thing ever, but still cute.

Aunt Nicole told me this one. Kinzi had a plate of crackers and stood up with it and one fell off. Kinz looked at it and said, "Are you serious?"

Talking to our new dog Sasha while taking her on a walk, "Slow down hunny!"

We made a thankful chain and these were the things she said put on there,

-Trick or Treating
-Aunt Summer
-Her Family
-Kaylin and Taylor
-Grandma and Grandpa

When her nursery class visited primary there was a visitor named Sophie and Kinzi yelled, "That's not Sophie, THAT'S (pointing to me) Sophie.

When she had to go potty but is holding it, she dances around and I tell her to go to the bathroom.  She says, "Do do do do do, I am just dancing" and puts her fingers in the air and dances.

She woke up from a bad dream and her Dad was trying to help her get back to sleep. He told her to think about Disneyland and Ice Cream. Her reply was, "But, Ice cream at Disneyland makes me sick!" (True Story)

 I once asked her why she liked puzzles so much. Her reply, "Because they make me feel young!"

She took my journal and said, "I want to see the letters you have worked on."

I told her we would go to the bank when Baiden woke up. 15 min later she said, "Let's go to the bank and leave Baiden."

After Phil and I were joking to each other in the car and laughing really hard, she pipes up in the back and says, "NOT FUNNY." With a very serious tone and face.

She had a little scar on her hand and when Phil asked her what happened she said, "I biffed it."

I told her about her new paints she got for her birthday and she replied, "Let's go! What are we waiting for?"

One Sunday right after we got to church she looks at me and said, "Mom can you do me a favorite? Can you go get me"

She got to have a fun party with lots of friends. The girls got to have pizza. Then do their own makeup and then we had dress up and a fashion show.  Kinzi was in heaven. It was so much fun!

Baiden really enjoyed the cupcakes. By the end of the day his new favorite words were birthday and cupcake.

Kinzi was very insistent that she wanted pancakes for dinner, talked about it all day. So we took her to IHOP where she ordered Mac & Cheese haha.
 I tried to get a pic of me and her after dinner and Baiden came charging in. Can't leave him out of the picture these days.

That weekend was followed by a pool party at the Kerrigans. To have a little combined celebration of Katy and Kinzi's birthdays that week.  We had fun! The party ended up being on our anniversary and we didn't want to change it so we decided to instead do something the following morning while Phil's mom offered to come watch our kids.

So for our 6 year celebrations, we had breakfast at cracker barrel. French Toast. Eggs. Bacon. Blueberry Muffin. Orange Juice. And a coke haha. Then we went and got massages! Best day ever! AND, Phil then signed me up for a 6 month membership where I get 1 massage a month. He wins for best husband ever.
That night we got another babysitter and went to Texas Road House and ate our hearts out again. Then went shopping at Ross for a little bit.
The rest of the pictures are just random happenings from our summer so far. I have been trying to keep the kids occupied with things other than tv.  Mornings are usually when we go to the gym. Then come home, eat lunch and take naps. After naps is when we will either swim or do something fun together. Play dough, Painting, Coloring, Blocks, Reading. Or days I will just let them watch a show. Or we fill up our little pool in back and they swim.

 Enjoying our snack from family night.
 I have been making healthy popsicles for them a lot and they inhale them! Grapes, berries and spinach do the trick!

 We love going to aunt Summer's to swim. She has a cool little splash pad that the kids love to play on and bonus I can swim still too without having to watch them like a hawk so much.

Kinzi likes to swim around by herself with just a noodle, a kick board, or her floaties when I let her.  We have been trying to swim somewhere at least once a week so the kids don't forget all they have learned. Kinzi swam across the whole pool a couple of times!

 Kinzi is very into coloring and drawing lately. She loves to draw her family.

 Baiden loves getting involved in the whole dress up idea. But usually that ends up with him in a princess dress...
 Our garden is done for. Phil went through one night and pulled all the watermelon out that he thought might taste good. When Baiden saw all of the watermelon lined up he booked it over there! Phil cut one open for him and he was in little Baiden heaven getting a watermelon to himself.

 And that was our month in a tiny little nutshell.