Monday, July 28, 2014

32 weeks

How far along? 32 weeks (8 month mark yeehaw)

Total weight gain: 22 lbs about. We came back from vacation and I had gained 4 extra lbs haha! PB m&ms and sour patch kids will do that to you. But luckily my weight has dropped off a little from that point haha. Whoops! 

Maternity clothes: Naturally. Same answer as last time. Anything that's comfy.

Stretch marks: Not on my stomach. I try not to look at the backside of myself.

Movements: All the time! He is a strong one. Sometimes when he kicks, I swear my whole body moves, not just my tummy.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding ring on or off: 90% of the time still on. But it does get uncomfortable sometimes in this heat, so it comes off.

Food cravings: Don't know if they are cravings but I'll list the things I have been eating most of. Avacado toast, green apples, vanilla Greek yogurt, DOUGHNUTS! I always want a freaking doughnut.

Symptoms: Headaches. Backaches. So much heartburn! Ugh. Pretty tired most of the time.

Looking forward to: Having this child!

Still been going to the gym a lot. But not doing anything hard. I just make sure I'm there for an hour. Usually I just walk, ride a bike, stretch and maybe light weights if I'm up to it. I usually don't want to do much.

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Lauren said...

Doughnuts!!! I know you don't feel amazing, but you sure look it! Can't wait till he gets here :)