Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maternity pictures. Yes.

So let me just start out by saying I love photography and wish I had a eye for it and knew how to take pictures. I love looking at photo blogs and pictures on Pinterest.  I always love looking at the beautiful maternity pictures a lot of women take.  However, I was never one to really want to get any done because I am not nearly as photogenic as these women I see in these beautiful pictures.  Well one of my very close friends Kayla Bishop is graduating in May from NAU and studied photography while she was there.  Wanting to get her business started and start getting her name out there she wanted to come take maternity photos of me. My first thought was, "Me + Maternity Pics? These will not be great" But I quickly learned with a good photographer you can love pictures of yourself...even while you are 7 1/2 months pregnant!  Not to mention having a really cute daughter to make all the pictures even better.  Phil had to work so he didn't get to be in any-and I'm pretty sure he was not too disappointed ;)  But I am just impressed with Kayla...I love ALL of them. Not just some, ALL.  So here is a viewing of some of my favorites she did.  I very rarely like pictures of myself so just let me have this moment in all my pregnant body glory.

She posed me and took care of everything.  So if you are in need of a photographer who is very patient with kids (Kinz cried for a good 30 min) and just knows what she is doing I will hook you up with Kayla.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitty Kitty

Halloween was fun this year and for me a little hectic. I had my day planned out and under estimated how long some things would take.  I had planned on bringing dessert to our ward party and was going to make oreo truffles that looked like eye balls.
(I luckily had one left when I left the party so I snapped a picture. I meant to take one of the whole tray, but yeah, didn't happen)

 I did that, but for some reason thought they took a lot less time. I have made them a lot, you think I would remember. I blame it on the pregnancy. Anyways I was to be at the ward party at 5 and then meeting at my sisters at 6 15 to go trick or treating. I didn't get there till 5 40.  I planned to take lots of pictures of Kinzi in her Kitty costume before I left. But, due to the fact I was running late, and she just wanted to run around I hardly got any good ones.  As I tried to paint her whiskers on I soon realized it was not a good idea-Way to Hard. Hence why they look terrible and looks like she did it herself.
Phil had to work a little later that day also so things just seemed hectic. I decided next year to just pick one thing to do that night and go with it.
But it all worked out. So I got to the party late, that wasn't even a big deal. Phil showed up 5 min after me which was so perfect.  My truffles disappeared within 10 minutes and I got to my sisters at about 6 25 and still did lots of trick or treating with Kinz.

Now onto trick or treating...
Funniest night ever. At first Kinz was super tired and cranky and didn't want anyone to hold her except Grandma.  About the 3rd house we went to, the person held out the bowl for all the kids to pick one candy. Well leave it to Kinz to take one, put it in her bag, and take another. And another, And another. I kid you not, she took about 7 from this house. And of course the lady was not going to tell her no.  When we actually grabbed her and walked away, she cried.  But then realized we were at yet another house.  She caught on really quick to trick or treating and would grab 2 or 3 handfuls at each house. Oh dear.  She had the best night of her life.  It wasn't even the candy she was thrilled about.  Her favorite thing to do is to empty her toys into a bucket/bag/basket and load and unload them. It keeps her entertained for a long time. So this was right up her alley. I'm glad she had fun.  It was pretty hilarious to watch her.  I'm already excited for next year to dress up two kids. I already have the ideas flowing of what they will be.