Friday, January 16, 2015

November 2014

We started November off with a trip to Pima to visit family and watch Spencer's football game.  Grandma packed a nice bag of fun things for the kids and we sat on the grass behind the sidelines.  I lasted till about 1/2 time then was ready to take the kids back.
Hudson wore his minion hat and at one point it looked like I was holding a little minion wrapped up in a blanket.
Phil put the polka dots (that I bought back in Septemeber, but just didn't have a chance to put up) in Kinzi's room.  Her room is so cute!
Hudson is starting to get used to bathtime, and he really likes it!
Since the first week of November was the dedication of the Phoenix Temple, we blessed Hudson the week after.
I got to have have my boys match for church, something I have been waiting to do!
The blessing went great.  There actually ended up being 3 blessings in church that day and all 3 babies slept through their blessings. Good day for blessings I guess.

I love my little Nugget.
We then had family come over for lunch after.  I finally got to meet Lacey's little boy Colby who is just 3 weeks younger than Hudson. These boys will be best buds for life. They really don't have a choice.

We have all got to experience a lot of Hudson snuggles.

And he's getting nice chub too!
One morning I took the kids to the falcon field park.  Coolest park, since its also a small airport.  Baiden didn't even want to play at the park, just wanted to look through the gates at the airplanes. He freaked out when we first showed up.

Kinzi's preschool field trip this month was going to a farm that is just right down the street from us. It was SO much fun!  We did a hay ride around the farm and through the orange groves. Rode horses. Held ducks. Fed and pet pony's and goats! Luckily I had Hudson strapped onto me otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it.
Funny story about Baiden.  We were waiting in line to ride the horse and standing next to the cage with the ducks.  Kids were starting to go into the cage to go see and hold the ducks. I look over and see that Baiden was already in there. So I guess we were going in their first. I bring Kinzi in and look over and Baiden had already caught a duck.  He was the quickest kid in there the whole day. He belongs on a farm.  He had no fear. But he would catch them then drop them, and I even caught him kicking them, not hard, more like a love tap but still. That kid.

Kinzi was a little more timid to catching them.  She actually kept getting on the verge of tears because she just couldn't do it. I helped her and she was happy to get to hold one.
Baiden enjoying a new dress up that was on clearance after Halloween.
So. There is this cake Chocolate Cake at Costco. I have been wanting to get it since we got a membership. But its huge! Was going to get it for the blessing but Phil didn't think there was enough to feed everyone. So we didn't.  But then we had friends come over one night and Phil surprised me by bringing the cake home haha! Best. Gift. Ever. So basically we had a party just to eat cake. 
We had 8 or 10 people over, and this is what was left. I probably did most of the damage. YUM!
 We were invited to a little birthday party for a daughter of a coworker of Phil's. The party was for her little 3 year old girl and we got to go to fountain hills park for it! So fun, especially since we had never been.

Baiden liked chasing the birds.

Just a cute picture of Baiden coloring.
Baiden keeping Hudson happy during tummy time.
Kinzi had her Thanksgiving program. She was a cute pilgrim. They did a little skit and then sang some songs and handed out cornbread at the end.

And right before we headed out of town for Thanksgiving,  Santa was a Phils work so we went to visit and get pictures.

First off, matching boys!

We also put up our Christmas lights. Kinzi was happy to be a big helper.

Phil also went along with the idea to put up the tree before we left town too. That way when we came home from Thanksgiving, it would already be set up and ready to enjoy!

And our winter grass is in full swing. Phil has made our lawn so beautiful!
Then came Thanksgiving! First off was doing the turkey trot that morning. I have been able to go on runs at night and its been nice having something to get me back into shape.  I ran my fastest 5k since having Hudson that morning so I was pretty happy. Phil was super fast, again, as usual!
We didn't get to spend enough time with our Thompson BFF's but at least we all got to run together haha since that's so fun!
Other Turker Trotters!
 Hudson meeting Grandma Cohn.
What a FUN and successful Thanksgiving trip to Pima it was.  The WHOLE Weech clan went down and honestly it couldn't have gone better.  11 kids 8 and under plus 11 adults under one roof is one heck of a party.  I hardly saw Kinzi the whole time. She was having way too much fun with all of her cousins.

This last year 3 boys joined the family.  I have a  feeling these boys are going to create lots of fun memories growing up!

I made my first French Silk Pie for Dessert.  Was going to make a homemade crust but then looked up how to do it and decided I didn't have enough desire to do so. 
It was delicious. Im pretty sure I ate 1/2 of it by myself.

Since everyone was there, we were able to do some much needed family pictures.


Like I said, Thanksgiving couldn't have been better.  No sick kids or fighting, just lots of fun!
Then we got home, and Hudson was happy to be home again.