Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birfday lo lo.

Happy birthday to my wonderful lauren! I love love love her. We were seriously meant to be friends I think. I have never had a person who has so much in common with me baha. Thank goodness for choir at EA!!! People can't believe we met at college-they thought we had always known eachother-they also thought we were roomates. Oh wait, some people still believe that, even though were both married hmmmm? She makes THEE BEST faces of anyone you will meet.
We both married Pima boys so we think thats kinda cool. We used to stay up talking about our high school days and found out we basically had the same lives (well kinda).
This would be our favorite picture of all time together below. We took the picture on accident and found out this is what we usually look like.

It has been so fun to have someone to party with in choir! Let me just tell you, she has theeeee most amazing voice ever. When we didnt know eachother very well, I always heard this really good soprano singer in company and couldnt figure out who it was. I later found out it was her-amazing! I brag for her----she can sing the highest in choir too. Honestly.

My college days wouldnt have been nearly as great without her. She is so fun to be around and has such a sparkling personality that everyone loves. She is SUCH a good friend :) and I am going to miss her when we move. But we will visit eachother, we need eachother haha.

She understands the weird part of my mind that Husband doesnt get haha, and I understand hers. I look up to her and am sooo grateful I met her. She is beautiful-inside and out, and its really the truth. We both are shy too, baahaha, ask anyone who knows us and thats the last thing they would say about us. But really, were only crazy when together. Thanks Lo lo for being my friend. You are a wondaful person! I luff YOU!


Marilee said...

you married people are ..."spooky" ..bahaha!

Jessie said...

I'm glad you left a tribute to the 'ol Lo Lo too! There's just something special about that girl, huh? Love the pics, by the way! muahaha!!!

megs said...

i wish i was in this post.

Summer said...

what on earth are you going to do with no Lauren in Mesa?

Lauren Thompson said...

haha thanks sofa loaf!! what am I going to do next year without you?!!? good thing you're not moving too far away cause I'd go nuts! I'm so glad we're friends! I love you to pieces! If it wasn't weird to live with each other and our husbands I'd so do it! baahahaha

Smiths said...

Fun posts!! There's nothing better than a good friend! So when are you guys moving down? We need party pals so let us know! As far as a job goes, I need one too. lol My dance career for now is on hold for summer and I have no idea what the plan is for next semester but if my sis-in law starts up again I'll totally let her know about you and vise versa!