Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Carazy Weekend.

I am happy to say I am still functioning after the weekend I had.  My baby turned One. I planned her party for saturday on her birthday.  Sunday was fathers day. And Monday, Our 3 year anniversary.  I did it though-I made it through. Craziest weekend of my entire life-but hey it was fun!
First up-Kinzi's B-day Bash!

We had a water party and her cousins and some of her friends stopped by for fun! I really had this party planned before Kinz was born-I love Birthdays! Especially 1st Birthdays!  I did a pink and blue theme and it turned out just as planned.  The only thing I had to spend money on was the food! I did truffles and cupcakes. I aso bought ice cream but of course I forgot about it. The cupcakes were layered pink and blue-and were SO cute. Wish I would have taken a picture of them once you bit into them-oh well I was too busy. Want to know how to make? Ask me sometime...

 The only picture I got of Kinzi with anyone besides the kids. I really wanted to get pics with her grandparents and maybe with us, but once again. I failed.
 Cute girls. Only a day apart.
 All the babies. Brant, Kinzi, Katy.
 She was really excited for her cake!

 She was so fun opening presents. She loved the attention.  She gave everything a kiss.

 Troublemakers. Kinzi and Lucy.
 Thanks for all the friends and family who came and showed love to our Kinzi girl.

Next up, Fathers Day. Did I get any pictures? Of course not.  But we had a good one.  Made breakfast for Phil and Kinzi got him some fun things.  Then my Dad came over for Dinner and my sister and I made him and Phil Ribs and Potatoes.  Were were going to make dessert but everyone was too full.  But I did make my dad homemade orange sticks for fathers day.  He loves those. I really didnt think they were going to turn out good but they tasted just like the ones you buy at Walmart. Just call me Betty Crocker. I know were grateful for our dads and how much they do for us.

And last up, our Anniversary. This was nice because I knew I didnt have to cook or prepare anything. All I had to do was try and look good for our Date!  We went to Claim Jumper for dinner and went and saw a movie at the Dollar Theater after.  You might be thinking, thats it? Just dinner and a movie? Let me just say last time we went to a movie together was before I was pregnant. Yeah believe it. They are just so expensive and we like Redbox better anyways. After the movie it was only 9:00 and we were not ready to go home especially since my sister had Kinzi and we were not worried about her.  So we went goofy golfing! I usually don't like goofy golfing but it was my idea and we had a lot of fun! Glad we went.  It was a perfect night. I love being married to Phil.  These 3 years have been the best yet. I love having someone know me so well. I love you Philip James Weech.


Reeds said...

Happy B-day Kinzi! She really is a cutie!

Jessie said...

Busy weekend! Yes, Betty Crocker. You are amazing! I'd love to know how you make those layered cupcakes. :) Happy Birthday Kinzi! She is adorable. And so lucky to have parents so in love--with each other and her too!

paige and chase said...

It really makes me happy that you have such an amazing family. You are a great mom Soph!

What Spoiled My Eggs? said...

First of all, success on looking cute for your date! Love your outfit. Second, little Kinzi is completely precious! I loved this post and all the pictures. So fun!

Lauren said...

You are going to have a crazy weekend like this every year now, Betty crocker. What are orange sticks? They yummy? Your cake was super cute! Wish we were there to celebrate kinzi with you. Maybe next year!

Jay and RaeLynn McNeil said...

sophie you are the best mom! kinzi looked like she had a blast... wish we could have been there! love ya!