Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Year Old!

 This little lady turned ONE today! She is the joy in our lives and makes us so happy.  She loves anyone and everything and will also give kisses to anyone or anything.  She can make anyone smile.

These are just a preview of her 1 year old pictures we took. I know. She is cute.

Kinzi is 1 going on...9 months.  2 people at the store thought she was 9 months old.  She looks nine months, and acts it. No she isnt walking, or standing alone yet. But do I love her any less? NO! I am just going to brag about it because I get to have a baby longer. One day she will so I am not worried.
Kinz LOVES to dance. Anytime she hears music she goes at it. Even if I am just flipping through channels and pass by the weather channel with music playing, she still heard the music and started dancing. 
She loves to share her toys or food or anything she has in her hand.
She says Mama, Dada, Hi and sometimes she says ONE. When she is in the mood.
She is off the bottle and on milk completly. Thank Goodness.
Still sucks her fingers when she goes to sleep, and its still cute.
Can go up and down the stairs.
Pretty good eater. Depends on the day. One second she likes something and the next she hates it.
Still sleeps SO good.
She has an arm. I think we have a future softball player in our midst. The girl can chuck things.
Loves to make messes.
Understands what NO means.
And we love her so much.  I honestly feel like people think she is literally the cutest baby in the world everytime I go out. People just go on about her. As I am sure happens with every single baby because babies are cute. But Ill take it. And it makes me feel good.
Not sure on her weight-her appt is on tues. Im guessing she is around 17-18 lbs.  She has always been around the 10th percentile so we will see.
I am so glad we have her in our family.  And WE DID IT. She survived a whole year with us as parents!!


Lauren said...

You did it! haha you kept her alive for a whole year! and she is so beautiful with a funny personality. We seriously love her...who couldn't look at that face and not? Happy Birthday Kinz!

Sara said...

Yay Kinzi! Keeping those little ones happy and -alive- for the whole first year is an accomplishment for all!! She is such a cutie and I love all her smiles (especially since we don't get them as easily from Katy)! Thanks for inviting us up for her fun party! It was great!

Kassidy said...

Kinzi is such a cute little girl!!! And you threw a cute party for her! Good job!