Friday, July 15, 2011


So yes. I am pregnant again! We are thrilled.  The doctor put me at 14 weeks and my due date at January 13. Although I don't think I am that far along, Ill just go with it for now.
For those thinking-you guys are crazy, you are probably right. And for those wondering was this planned? Let me let you in on a secret-I personally think its hard to plan when a baby will come.  I will just fill in the blank of it was hoped for and I was ready, and it wasn't a "oops" or surprise.  Shoot I have been ready since Kinzi was 6 months. But we both decided getting pregnant in April or anytime after that was what we wanted.  Mind you last time we decided to get pregnant with Kinz it took 6 months for her to decided to come to us.  This time, it didn't take time. This babe was ready to be in our family and I am so glad.  I REALLY REALLY wanted to have a baby in January.  That is like a dream pregnancy timing for here in Mesa AZ. I can actually leave the house and go on walks with my kids right after and not worry about melting in the heat.
I'm excited for Kinzi to have a sibling so close in age too.  That was the plan.  I grew up with siblings close in age and its so fun and I wanted to pattern my own family after that.  It may not be what everyone else in the world wants, and that's ok.  But it is what we had in mind for our own family.  Besides-I might want a bigger gap with the next child (actually I'm sure I will).

So let me just tell you a little bit about how special this baby already is...

The Story of How we Found Out.
Around middle of May I was late, again. I'm always late though and very irregular.  Obviously it was a possibility that I could be pregnant but I didn't think I was. So I just didn't take a test.  I was still in doubt and didn't think I would really get pregnant so fast this time around. 
On May 23rd our family was hit with the hardest and most devastating news of the loss of my brother Barton.  There is not words to describe the pain you feel when you lose a family member. It was beyond hard for all of us.  Although we all have strong testimonies-it seemed there was nothing to hold on to.  We were all in such a dark place.
Two days later the Lord reminded me he never leaves when we are in our darkest hour.  Phil convinced me to take a pregnancy test that night of the 26th and it came back positive. 
Despite what we were going through there was a little piece of something to shed a little light into our lives, a little reminder of happiness.  The pain was still there but comforting that pain of death was the joy for life.  The blessing that we can bring children into this world and they can live and learn on this earth. Losing my brother was so hard and still is everyday but the Lord states, "ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions" Mosiah 24:14
And it just so happens Barton's birthday is also in the month of January.  I thought his birthday (the 27) was going to be my due date but the doc said 13-which could still change.  Still a cool little detail if you ask me :)
So once again, this baby is special to me already.  I look forward to what the future has for us.
And for the record-I can honestly say this time I don't care if its a girl or boy.  We all know I wanted a girl last time. So we will just have to wait and see NEXT MONTH what this little bebe's gender is.


paige and chase said...

You are not crazy for having your kids so close. We are planning to do the same thing. Its so much fun having a sibling so close in age to grow up with! I'm so happy and can't wait to see your little monkey! I can't wait to have little play dates either :)

Jessie said...

Hooray! I am so excited for you, Sophie! Excited for ALL of you, actually!!! You don't need to defend yourself to anyone. You are a great mother and each family is as it's supposed to be. That's a neat story about your brother and baby. Congratulations!

Sara said...

Yay for January babies in AZ! That will be so much nicer! Very exciting that you'll be finding out boy/girl so soon. Sorry I didn't answer your text the other night. We were already in bed and Jeremy's been switching me phones every day so I can attach his to the computer for internet. But I loved the picture and I'm so glad Kinzi likes her book. I miss her already! So say hi to David for us. I'm so very jealous that everyone gets to be together soon and we're GONE!

Lauren said...

I LOVE the story. This bebe has great timing...they all have great timing even when they are "oops" babies so if anyone gives you crap tell them to suck it! lol You are an awesome mommy! And a January baby sounds perfect, I think I'll shoot for that myself next time around.

Reeds said...

Sounds like you were having a pretty crazy month and I am very sorry about the loss of your brother. It is really cool that your due date is close to your brothers birthday not to mention you wont have to cook in the AZ sun. Congrats again!

payneful life said...


You guys aren't crazy. We did the same thing. our girls are 19 months apart.Our theory is we want kids, so why not have them. :)

i have a january baby and a august baby. and january was WAY more comfortable. Good luck with the pregnancy!