Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I had on sweet boots too that ya can't see haha.

OK that night we couldnt decide what to do, i was really set on handing out candy. I had scary halloween sounds playing out the window and some pumpkin decorations lit up! (not the ones we made, those got all moldy and died about 5 days before halloween haha). But we live in a place that nobody would go trick or treating i thought. and i was right haha only 2 familes came, and one was our neighbors haha. but thats better than nothing!!! we ended up with lots of candy for us!! woo hoo-you can see our excitement in the pics!

When phil got home from work he told me he was a Argentine soccer player-he had a shirt from his misison on. so original huh, haha. oh well. when i was thinking of ideas for him he said i needed a kid that i could dress up because he does not like halloween. But he felt bad for not using any of my ideas so he wanted to surprise me. He was in the back of the house and came walking around the corner in my cheer uniform from 7th grade! WOW! He said i could put a pic on, but i might wanna ask him again before i do. It was a sight to see haha and i couldnt stop laughing.
So Overall, halloween was good. next year i hope we live in a place where kids will want to come trick or treating =)


Raysha said...

You make such a cute redneck chick!

Chan said...

That is hillarious (phil in your cheer uniform)! I love the costume, it is cute. I didn't dress up this year due to lack of ideas, and afterward I felt bad. I really wish I would've dress up..there's always next year, right?

Raine said...

CUTE Sopha! I miss you.

Summer said...

loving the fact you had to go to math like that all by your self!!! hilarious!! And are you counting down days till this semester is over? he-he You're good for sticking it out. Trust me, later you'll be glad you did!

I wanna see Phil as a cheerleader. You cant tell, then not show. Not Fair!! And your pics are really cute!