Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bebe boy.

My friend Kayla was at it again.  She took some newborn pictures of Baiden boy and I couldn't be more pleased.

 My most favorite, favorite ;) 

For his Daddy.

This one is just so special to me. He is wearing his uncle Barton's tie.

His BFF's

And a cute before and after shot.  He is much cuter after...


Jessie said...

Love the last two! Cute idea. :) I love his hair.

The Roberts Family said...

I love the picture of the before and after!!!! Oh so cute! Yes, he is much cuter after. Even though you wear pregnancy like perfectly! :)
You make such adorable babies!
P.s. Theron needs to play with his best friends again. He said so.

Lauren said...

I love the one of him laying on his books kind of smiling. He is so adorable and tiny! I could eat him whole. You guys did gooooood!

2899016 + 3 said...

Before and after is soooooo cute! He's adorable!

Trisha said...

He is so adorable Sophie! We need to come over and meet him :)