Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Bliss

 On March 17 Phil's brother Dave got married to the cutest girl Nicole! It was so fun to be apart of all the wedding festivities and see the little love birds get sealed for all eternity.  Their reception was beautiful and had fantastic food.  We had a great time. I am SO SO excited to have a new sister in law.

One of the best parts about David and Nicole getting married was that all of us got to be together again. It was short and crazy the whole time, but we all enjoyed eachothers company.  Phil and I loved having everyone over (despite the crazyness)!

And since everyone was here we decided to bless Baiden boy that weekend.  It was so awesome to have everyone from both of our families there.  Including Barton! I am sure he was in the circle helping bless his nephew.
2 weeks after they got married they had their open house in Pima.  And we only made it there for the last 1/2 hour and I had to leave even sooner to go feed Baiden.  But we were able to spend conference weekend up in Pima surrounded by family. And we got a great picture of all the weech grandkiddies! Cuties!

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