Saturday, April 4, 2015

January 2015

January started out with Dad still having some time off work. We went to a new trampoline place right by our house called Krazy Air. So much fun. Hudson slept in his car seat for most of it and we all jumped our hearts out.

 Baiden went to sunbeams! He didn't like the idea of not going to play with the toys in nursery but the music leader gave all the sunbeams HUGE lollipops, he was good after that.  The next few weeks he still asked to go to nursery but really warmed up to the Primary. He loves his teachers!
 That same Sunday was Phil's birthday. The day before I surprised him with flight lessons in a small plane. He loved it! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to top that one. We then went to dinner at Texas Road House, I even left Hudson! That should show Phil how much I really love him. On his actual birthday, Sunday, he requested a super yummy cheesecake Emily made at Thanksgiving. I have to say, it was phenomenal. I don't like cheesecake but this was amazing!
 Hudson loves to sleep in our bed.
 We got zoo memberships again for Christmas and we were all really excited to go again.

 Hudson still loves to be swaddled. He's the cutest burrito.

 Baiden using his new shaving kit from Christmas.
 Baiden dressed himself in Hudson's clothes one morning.  I had them set out to got back in the box because they were to small for Hudson. I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at him. Mostly because he had no idea anything was wrong.  Just sat there watching TV.

 I have really enjoyed styling Kinzi's hair lately. Trying new braids and styles. I cant do it to my own so its fun to have a little model.
 A sweet lady in our ward let Baiden take home this airplane, he was in love.
 Hudson plays hard.
 Another zoo trip. 2 times in one month, we're fans.
 This girl got all registered for Kindergarten!
 This picture just cracks me up.
 Had a fun photo shoot.

Then we took our monthly trip to Pima for Phil to get some work done.
Got to play with our best friends the Thompsons.

 Visit Grandma Cohn.
 And get ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Spencer at Taylor Freeze. So basically we covered all the best things to do in Pima.
In other News Phil started a new job as a controller for Practicemax. We are bracing ourselves for a busy couple of months coming up but he is really excited for the opportunity. We have got the best dad and Husband around.

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