Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday time!

Happy Birthday to a special girl named Lo lo! Miss Lauren turns 21 today and here is a little shout out to her! For all of you who dont know her here are some fun facts... She has thee prettiest singing voice of anyone I know. Its like that gorgeous voice you hear in the choir that you always wanna know who it is, well its her. She always has a positive attitude and outlook on life. She is outstanding at making the ugliest faces. With that being said, she is also one of the prettiest girls I know. She plays the violen very well. She is humble. She is a good wifey to her husband. She had two left contacts for a while and would run into corners a lot. (has that changed yet though?) She is the only person I want to go to dances with. Well besides my husband, but he will only dance with me on the slow songs. She was Mary Poppins at Spring Sing for EA and was the best soloist there. I know she would tell me the truth if I asked her if something was too tight on me, or looked stupid altogether. She says, "Your fine" a lot. and guess what lo? I do all the time now too. She loves her family. She is very funny. Even when she isnt trying. Oh lauren, ever since we were kids we have been such, WAIT! I have only known you since I was 18. oh oops. Well I hope your 21st birthday is the best one yet! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Now here are some pictures for your enjoyment... Oh and this video is on here just for you to laugh at. I couldnt decide which one to post but everytime I hang out with you and bring my camera, you always go through my pics and videos. so Here you go. Enjoy.
Ok and since Im home sick with nothing to do and have free time, here are some more videos that I know will make you laugh.


Marilee said...

BAHAHAHA TRAVY!!!!! I loved that night sooooooo much!!! I forgot you recorded it! LOVE IT... and Lauren...and you ...and the baby!!

Lauren Thompson said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now!!! I want to see more!! and I really like our tradition of how we blog about how wonderful each other is on our birthdays! You're the bestest!

Jessie said...

Everything you said is so true about my sista! Love the tribute. I love her too.

Raine said...

Ya Happy Birthday Lauren. I am laughing at those videos and don't even know him!