Monday, June 22, 2009

A year? Really?

Has it really been a year since all this?????

So Saturday was our anniversary-woah. We had a fun day! We went to big surf and rode the waves all day. And, uh the back of my legs are sooooooo fried!!! Phil got a lil pink on his back but he says it doesnt hurt to bad, which is good. We put 50 sunblock on, but I hardly put any on my legs....dang. But we had so much fun body surfing all morning-I would do it again (with even more sunblock). We then came home and played lego Batman. We love these lego games for the PS. Then he took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse-my first time. Delicious! Even though my appietite wasnt as big as usual.

Well I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be married to my handome husband. I made him a card of 100 things I learned from our first year together, here are a few....
-I shouldnt put dish soap in the dishwasher
-He likes my hair straighted the best
-If I am sad or he is in trouble, all he has to do is dance and I forget about everything else
-He does not like to buy tampons, but he will
-I can wear shorts 3 days in a row and he wont care :)
-Our personalities rubbed off on eachother
-I am a sore loser at games
-He is more domestic than me
-After a big fight and were apologizing, I always get the giggles
-Its necessary to look at the $5 movies whenever you go to walmart
-A closet with one bar doesnt cut it
-The support of the other is Vital
-He wants me to be happy
-He STILL spoils me
-I learned how to really love someone
-He thinks I can do anything I set my mind to
-Other married couples are automatically new friends
-I shouldnt season steak with Red pepper
-The only bug I can kill is a fly...sometimes a spider
There is a lot more but that would be long. Really though I KNOW my husband is the best. I know what it means to love someone more and more each day. I cant get enough of him and his fun personality.


CLONTS said...

HOLY COW GIRL!! that is so exciting!! i am so glad that kalob and i were able to get to know you guys, we enjoyed our friendship with you guys, and we miss you a ton, you guys are such a gorgeous couple and fit eachother PERFECTLY! now only eternity to go! ;) love ya girl!!

Samantha said...

Happy 1st anniversary!!! That did go by so fast!! Holy cow! Sounds like you guys had a good day! Still need to take you to lunch! Maybe this week sometime..sound good to you??

You looked pretty hot in the 2nd pic BTW!!!!

The Arnell Family said...

Congrats!! You guys are super cute together. And PS we miss you!! Hopefully we can get together soon!

Lauren Thompson said...

Hooray! Happy 1 year anniversary!!! I love you both! It's gone by way too fast!

Raine said...

I can't believe it has been a year!!! I double clicked the picture of the WHOLE family and I CAN"T believe how much all of our lives have changed in just a year! It's crazy. Some good, some not so good. But hey we all still love each other.(I think) Happy Anniversary. We still love you Phil

Jessie said...

Pretty dress! Wow! One whole year! Doesn't it feel great to still be madly in love?!? I'm so happy for you two! Congrats! :) hehe P.S. Texas Roadhouse is my favorite restaurant ever!!! I always get something off the appetizer menu and get filled right up and we only pay $20 for two of us. Right on!

megs said...

this was so cute!!! i am tearing up a little bit, you are the best wife ever! i loooove the card idea, and what you wrote to him! i understand you sope- IM NOT DOMESTICATED EITHER!!! but we are trying, and i think we've both done pretty damn good for the first year of marriage, eh??? anyways. i miss you a whole lot. there will never be another phataya in my life...

Lindsey Haws said...

Doubt you probably went to the Texas Road house that is within walking distance from my house. We live so close to each other, why do I never see you?!

Jason and Emily Gardner said...

Congrats on one year! It seems like just yesterday you guys got married, but also feels like forever! We're way excited to see you guys in august and your adorable house!!!

Livin' it Up said...

CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! That is so awesome, and nuts that this was a YEAR ago! you and phil are so cute! i love it!
I love your bangs!!!!!
and i love you!

Reeds said...

Happy Anniversary!

Tyler and Bryna said...

Isn't it crazy how fast a year goes by? June 12 was our year and i can't even believe it! Best year of our lives right?!?!? Congrats!