Friday, July 10, 2009

I heart being an aunt.

So I took my sisters kids(logan 2, levi 6, malarie 9) for a couple of days and we had a great time. She is due next month with her 4th kid and I missed them so i took them!! They got to swim at aunt summers and play with their cousins, visit aunt sam and her fun girls, play video games,eat junk food, pick out toys at savers and a great time was had by all. The only pics I took were of when we had a water balloon fight in my backyard. Haha and I figured out that a water balloon fight is not nearly as fun as it sounds. It takes way to much time to fill the baloons haha. We filled up a big bowl and logan thought it was cool to go and tip over the bowl and watch them all pop at once haha.

This little one just gets to me! I dont know why, maybe its cuz he is so cute but NAUGHTY!!!! He wasnt eating his cheese crisp one day at lunch when I told him over and over to eat it. He said, "I go to corner." Yeah he offered to go to the corner instead of eating his lunch. Then when i tried to throw it away he took it and ate it and said, mmmm nummy! oh man. He is hard to get mad at cuz he is so darn cute. I also learned nemo fruit snacks make anything better. I seriously got emotional last night because I missed him.

I hope you kids had fun! I love you!
I loooooooooove kids!! I cant wait to have some! I just hope I start out with one, that might be easier.
Next is Addi and Chaisy-bring them over Summer!
Or kaylin, or dallan, riley, jaina?


Raine said...

Malarie and Levi loved there time with you guys! They had so much fun being spoiled all week and not having any chores to do. I hope they were really good for you guys. It was so nice for Dusty and I to have a break and just be at home together.(Although we did decide our lives would really be boring without kids!) Logan is ready to come back to live with Aunt Fofie and Uncle Fir. We just can't get enough of the names. We keep asking him to say them over and over. haha Thanks again. We love you guys.

Raine said...

Oh 1 more thing- Malarie is 9. She pointed that out. hah

Paul and Celeste Johnson said...

Hey Sophie! umm..I dont want to give our address on here, but we will have to have you over once we get back home & settled!. haha. but its right in the middle of Mesa. where is yours at? Are you enjoying living in Mesa?. Thanks hopefully I can find a good one! (a job). In your post you said you can't wait to have your own kids... do you think you guys are gonna have one soon!? :) That would be exciting.

Lauren Thompson said...

aunt fofie...hahaha he's my favorite. You're an awesome aunt! I want to come over and play and be spoiled too! by the totally need a baby ;)