Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok so this is to show the changes in my hair for the last little bit.
1.This is my "way to short wont ever cut it like that again" hair
(don't mind the dumb face I am making please)

2. The "long" hair. And trust me, THIS IS long for me. My hair was always as short as number one up there. I had not cut it since november, which is a big deal for me. It got really dead and ugley though....but I enjoyed having long hair. I might do it again.

3. Current hair. I didnt do anything special when I got it cut. NO layers, nothing. Its all the same length. I like it pretty much but its a bit of a challenge for me to do it so far.

OH AND, I want to share a sweet story.
So I had a small breakdown the other day because I was not hearing back from the hundreds of jobs I applied for. NOTHING. I then had the thought come to me one night after my breakdown, that maybe instead of searching for a job so hard that I should read my scriptures and study since I had not made that a priority lately.
The next day (Thursday) before I started looking again I had a little study session.
I kid you not, within and hour I had a call about an interview for today (monday). Friday the next day I have 3 more calls for 3 more interviews, one that day and 2 monday. Amazing isnt it? It was a good reminder for me that if we put in our time and get our priorities straight, the Lord will bless us. I have had 3 out of the 4 interviews and my last is the one that I am most excited for. One has got to work out right? Keeping the Faith!


Marilee said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I love it! Oh and good luck, I know exactly what you mean with getting priorities straight!! luff ya!!

Sara said...

My hair is jealous of yours in all 3 pictures! :-) I am so glad you finally got some interviews! Sometimes life just stinks when you forget to put first things first, I guess? (Sometimes mine stinks anyways, but that's because I have two in diapers...;-)

Samantha said...

You are so cute Sophie!!! Good luck with the job interviews!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jessie said...

Best of luck on the job interview! At the least, you'll look fabulous. It's a tough market out there. I got pretty discouraged too this summer looking for a job. But I FINALLY landed the one I wanted. Whew! I guess I had the same experience you did--I just didn't put the two together! Thanks, Sophie!

megs said...

i love you.

youre perfect with any hair.

good luck with jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i miss you. a whole lot. i need more phataya in my life.

Lauren Thompson said...

k your hair is's in that happy medium perfectness haha. WAYYY cute! and I'm so excited about your new job! You'll be an awesome hostess with the mostest! and it's so crazy true about priorities. It seems like one minute your life is a crap hole then another minute and the blessings pour! You're such a good girl! That's why you're SUCH a good friend!

Kelsey and Dallas said...

oh soph that's so awesome about your jobs! we all need a nice slap in the face every now and then. ...and your HAIR! i love it! that picture of you is so pretty. all in all, a wonderful post haha.

CLONTS said...

haha i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that you lOOOOOOOVE me watching those shows! haha jk. yeah they are the best! kalob isnt so fond of them, but his favorite is SpongeBob so i am pretty sure we are on the same page! haha well i love you and i love your hair. you are gorgeous. and we miss you guys!

Raine said...

Ya whatev- your hair ALWAYS looks cute! So thanks for the example. I too needed a little wake-up call and some serious study my scripture time. I am so glad you got the job you wanted.

Livin' it Up said...

That is freakin awesome Soph! :) Way to go on setting your priorities straight! :) That is awesome! Hope all is welL!
Love ya!
and....i love your hair! super cute!