Monday, April 7, 2008


Well Finally we are engaged as of April 4! We have known eachother since July 23 of 2005, so about 2 and a half years, almost 3. I wrote phil during his mission and when he got back, we started dating 3 weeks later! Phil had been home from his mission for exactly 3 months when he proposed! We are both really excited to get married on June 20 and start our lives together!

This is my boy Philip James Weech! This was my favorite picture from his Mission-he titled it, trying to be like Jesus =) he is cute. The story of him catching the lamb is pretty funny.

and this is us! Summer spiced it up a bit because she is the crafty one in our family and can do all of that cute stuff!


Summer said...

Just dink around when you have time you'll figure it out. You can do facebook, you can blog! he-he

Yeah! now you just have to update us all. :)

and um yes we need to do pics sooner than planned ;)chat later...

AuBreY LyNn said...

Awwww that is funny about the picture! What a silly! :) Your page is cute!

Chris Paxman said...

Hey Sophie...
Congratulations! (Remember me from Pinetop?) That's awesome!
Hey if you guys are looking for a photographer let me know if I can help.
Let me know what you think.