Wednesday, August 13, 2008

love me love me

So this may not be interesting AT ALL but I am trying to pass the time before I go to work at 1.
What is his name? Philip James Weech
How long have you been together? Since January for time and all eternity.
How long did you date? uhh..5 months before we got married
How old is he? 21 =)
Who eats more? well when he first got home from his mission i did!! but he is starting to catch up with me thank goodness.
Who said I love you first? haha he told me twice before i told him...
Who is taller? Awe he is
Who can sing better? Haha me...but he is good dont get me wrong, i love when he sings just ask him.
Who is smarter? OH him for sure.
Who does the laundry? well both of us. its bonding time ;)
Who pays the bills? philip
Who sleeps on the right side? He does, right next to the ac. i am right next to the wall. haha good thing its there to keep me on the bed or i would most likely fall off.
Who mows the lawn? sadly we have no lawn.
Who cooks dinner? well i do. but its not that he wouldnt do it, its just that i want to learn how to cook and the best way to learn is to uh well do it!
Who drives? HIM
Who is more stubborn? HA MEE! i have sherwood in me.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me i think. but he told me it was hahaha oh our first kiss. so funny.
Who proposed? philip
Who has more friends? I wouldnt know.
Who is more sensitive? Um depends on the situation
Who has more siblings? i win
Who wears the pants? ehhhh no comment. =)


The Lucas Gang said...

HEY! I found your blog through your sisters. You and Phil look absolutely adorable together! I love your wedding photos! Congrats!


AuBreY LyNn said...

hahaha love it soph. :)

Raine said...

Sophie!!! look at my blog!!!

lol lol lol lol lol

Summer said...

Soph, hey I forgot to tell you go ahead and change your background . I can re-do a header for you after to match or I can make you new stuff whatever. Let me know if you need help, but I'm pretty sure you can do it, it's not hard!

Chan said...

Sophie you don't know me, but I know Phil. He was one of my best friends in High school...cept I'm from Utah (you'll have to ask him). My name is Chantel. I found your blog through Sara and Jeremy's. Just wanted to say you two make the cutest couple! congrats! I love the pictures. If you want, you can check my famiy out at

Summer said...

I need som lake pics- and look look look at my blog! :)