Monday, July 28, 2008

My Happily Ever After

After a month we finally got our reception pictures from the Pinetop one! Jami Hall did so great and got so many fun things on camera. I love them! I put quite a few on here but still have soooo many that I love. These are just some fun ones I picked!
My husband is cute! =)

This picture has the Whole family in it. Its pretty hard to get everyone smiling at the same time but its the best pic of all of us i think. I have a big and amazing family!!!

This is me and my sister lacey who was my maid (or Maitron i guess thats what they are called when they are married right?) of honor! Just being ourselves showing off our flowers.
And this is my beautiful wedding planner who did EVERYTHING for my wedding! I couldnt of asked for a better sister/wedding planner! THANKS SUMMER!!
BAHAHA! Its really funny that Jami got a pic of summer doing this. The ipod didnt work for me and my dads dance so i had to dance to another song with him that i didnt pick. haha summer came to find out that the ipod was just locked...oh funny story.
Well of course we had to end the night with dancing to "Low!" Basically its me and my sisters song! We listen to it everytime we get together, or at least sing it.

My NEW family!! Its a sure honor to be apart of it!
Haha another funny story. The sun was in our eyes during pictures
so Justin was helping out.
I dont think the kids liked the sun too much...or us

The whole reason i chose the colors i did. I based
everything off the bouquet! I loved it!

Workin the Flip Flops
Oh how my family has grown!
Thanks to a wonderful family everything was great! Both receptions were a blast and everything ended up just how i wanted it. The small things that i thought were big messups ended up being some of the things i will remember the most!


Sara said...

Those pictures turned out amazingly! I'm excited to see all of them. :)

shalae said...

Sophie, everything is so cute. I wish I could have seen it in person! You look so happy and I can't believe how big your family is... way bigger than ours!! Congratulations!

Bryce and Jaci said...

Congratulations again! Your pictures are super cute. And your wedding colors were WAY cute.

P.S. I am jaci--I grew up with Phil hope you don't mind me commenting.

Summer said...

oh they turned out cute. I need to make Jami a bag! So I'm glad the one of you and me is in b&w because I know I was all redfaced and didnt have much make up on and the hair was a bit fro. It looks like her pictures caught some good moments cant wait to see them all. bring your cds with you when you come and I'll give you a cd of mine if you'd like too. But, I need copies of yours ;)

And I love the one of Justin hilarious!
p.s. Justin said you guys dont have to ask to stay you're welcome anytime,you must be good houseguests. he-he Because I know he doesn't feel that way about everybody. he-he lol lol

Samantha said...

HAHAHA Summer!!!Good one!!! Sophie Those pics turned out so cute!!! I wish I could see all of them! The ones from the Temple were way good too! You got lucky with your photographers! You looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

AuBreY LyNn said...

Awwwwwww soph! It looks so beautiful, i love the colors! i seriously do! and the photos are awesome. i love the one of you and your HUSBAND dancing. way cute!

Summer said...

love all the pics Soph. but, need a new post!! he-he

Doesn't it suck living in a different city than everyone else and feeling like you are missing out on stuff? like all the kiddos and fun family times, not the drama stuff but the fun things! he-he

Now someone can feel my pain!