Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gotta love Married Life!

Well were married and life is good! I cant get our wedding pics on here yet because part of my computer wont upload them. So these are our fun honeymoon pictures! We had such a great time in california!!!
We were there for a week. We went to the san diego zoo which was awesome cuz both of us had never been there before. I love animals so i of course loved it!

We also went to a beach while we were there. This was phils favorite part. Im not the biggest fan of beaches because the salt and sand are not a fun mixture. But i admit this was the most fun i had at a beach. Phil took me out there and made me play in the waves haha but he put me on his shoulders so the water wouldnt get into my mouth. yep he spoiles me rotten, but like i said it was a lot of fun. I would only go far out on the beach if he held me haha. After that day, we went to knotts berry farm! we woke up pretty early and got there when basically there was NO lines! it was awesome! as the day went on, more people came of course but still the lines were not bad at all! It was just fun to be there with and just do whatever we wanted for a week. We had planned our trip out and didnt have anything else on the agenda but then thought it would be fun to go to disneyland since we were already there. well after a day of MUCH debate we decided not to spend the extra money and just go home. It ended up being a great trip overall! So FUN! Once we got back we went up to phils families cabin! and spent the rest of the weekend there! What a perfect way to end it!

Everything is great and its so fun to be married. haha im doing MY best to try to learn how to far so good! woo hoo!


AuBreY LyNn said...

hahaha soph, you are a cute little wife for phil! I am glad you guys had a blast, it seemed like a blast!! :) You need to hurry and put your wedding pictures up so everyone can see how gorgeous you were!!! And the monkey picture, or wait...the gorilla-still kills me. haha. you would.
As for the sand and salt on the beach, i am with ya all the way!

Summer said...

love em!

I can email you some pics if you want. (from his website)

Also do you want me to help you add links on the side or just add some lol!

Sara said...

Sophie, Jeremy thinks our family is crazy for loving the beach and being out in the waves too. Maybe if we ever all go together you guys can commiserate together. ;-) Cute pics.

Samantha said...

Me and Lacey wanna know if your wearing a bikini!?!??!!