Monday, January 2, 2012

Baiden Boy

My growth chart through the weeks haha.

Well we did it-we had our Baiden Boy before the year ended.  I got my membranes stripped the 29th at 12 and almost exactly 24 hours later Baiden was here!  I'll share the story later but for now here are pictures from the eventful day :)

                                                            Baiden James Weech
                                                        Born December 30, 2011
                                                7 lbs 4 oz & 20 1/4 Inches long


Jessie said...

Look at that cute family of FOUR!!! Congratulations!!! What a precious baby boy. I love his football pacifer!

Chantel and Brian said...

He's such a doll!! So precious and handsome and adorable! Congratulations!

The Roberts Family said...

Soph, he is SOOOOOO handsome! Seriously. So handsome. Your labor story sounds pretty good too! And you once again look GORGEOUS after giving birth. Which makes me super jealous. hahaha! Good job! Keep making those babies! They are gorgeous. And the video of Kinz meeting her baby brother is precious! I cannot believe you have TWO KIDS!!!! :) We are all growing up. Awe.

TawnieRae said...

Awe beautiful family! <3