Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sum Sum Summatime

Onto September...
I love when the new month starts because I get to change my calender. I seriously look forward to that each month. It's like the new calender page brings new events and things to look forward to. We had a great Summer and now are HOPING for somewhat cooler weather. Phil has started school and it has been quite the adjustment for us. I miss having him come home and Kinz and I get to have him for the rest of the night. Because now he comes home and is swamped with homework. But, I know he needs to be doing what he is doing so we try not to bug him to much. He does always make sure to give us both some love when he gets home or takes a break from his homework and we both love it. Im glad he is staying busy with work AND school, because it helps the time go by faster for him. I know us girls at home are sure grateful for all his hard work. I think about how lucky I am each day to be able to stay home with Kinzi and do all sorts of fun things with her such as...
Play Peek-A-Boo on her playmat.

Watch Movies

See her discover new things. (Her Hands) She loves to suck them. Which is great because, she LOVES her paci but can't keep it in her mouth without me holding it. So its pretty much useless.

And of course, dress her. Its my favorite part of the day. I love going to her closet and picking out her cute outfit for the day. Although sometimes, we both stay in our jammies all day.

I have also tried to find more things for me to do during the day so I don't get to bored. I found a new hobby of making these suckers...

But I guess I need to be a bit more careful when it comes to hot glue or this can happen. Yeah, I know. It's disgusting and yes, it hurt SOO bad. I cried.
So be aware of hot glue.

And lastly, before things got to busy we took a lake trip with my sister and her husband and 2 kids along with some of their friends. Way fun! I wakeboarded and Wake Surfed and we all swam and hung out.
This is my sisters daughter Nelly. The girls are 5 months apart. And I know, Nelly looks more like my daughter than Kinzi. Kinzi girl just looks so much like her daddy.

These last two pics are of when Kinz and I went swimming with my mom at her pool. She is a lil swimmer dog. She fell asleep swimming both times. Love this little girl.

Kinz also had her two month check up yesterday and got her shots. She actually did really good. She stopped crying as soon as the nurse left the room, and fell right asleep.
Her stats are,
Weight 11 lbs 1 ounce (40th %)
Length 23 inch (40th %)
She is nice and healthy.


Sara said...

I'm really glad you know how to make those fabric flowers, because at the project night a few days ago I completely failed at learning how to make them. Of course Katy was making it difficult by not letting me put her down... I am jealous of the swim time, and very not jealous of your burn. I keep trying to see Kinzi as looking like Phil, and I"m starting to see it a little bit. :) Hopefully she'll grow out of that and look more like her mommy! ;-) (Love you, Phil)

The Lucas Gang said...

She is such a cutie!

The Thompsons said...

Sophie, your hand looks like you stuck it in a fire!!! But I LOVE Kinzi's outfits and matching bows :) She's so dang cute!