Sunday, August 15, 2010

See, I can craft.

I realized I never posted pictures of Kinzi's Room. Welp, here it is. My sister helped me do a lot of it and we just had a lot of fun putting it together. The only brand new thing in her room is her crib and changing table. Everything else was given to us, thrifted or handmade. Whew! Lots of work but its exactly how I imagined it.

*And yes, I realize my last 5 or so post have been about Kinzi, Kinzi and Kinzi. But, thats all that happens here at the Weech home. Our lives evolve around her-and we love it.


Raysha said...

So adorable!!

Samantha said...

LOVE it!!!!!

Jessie said...

totally understand how that baby takes over everything! you did a much better job with her room than I did with Jed's! sooo cute.