Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Sick

No I am not home sick. BUT, my home is sick. All 3 of us are sickies.
Last Saturday Kinzi got diarrhea and tuesday afternoon I started to get the flu, the stomach flu. And last night Phil got it too. We like to do things together. Kinzi didnt get the flu part, just diarrhea thank goodness. She is still pretty happy and sleeps the same. I have been sick for over three days now and I am SOOO over being sick. All week I havnt even gotten dressed or brushed my hair and honestly I have Hardly even brushed my own teeth. I know, thats gross. I showered yes because we all know how great hot showers and baths are when sick, but then went strait to bed with wet hair. Going to bed with wet hair means fantastic hair for me all week. Kinzi has hardly been in anything but a diaper all week also. Because 1. She would probably just poop on her clothes and 2. I dont have the energy to dress her. I havnt eaten much of anything but have tried to stay hydrated so I can keep Kinzi hydrated. I also need to get better so I can take care of Phil now that he is getting it because he has taken great care of Kinz and I even though he has tons of homework when he gets home. Oh boy. Hopefully things turn around soon here at the Weech house.

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Emily Gardner said...

Oh no! that's horrible ): Stomach flu is seriously the worst thing ever. I hope you start feeling better really really soon. And so glad kinzi hasn't gotten the flu part.