Monday, December 13, 2010

Three D's

Philip's new intership for spring semester invited us to a Christmas party to have Drinks, Dinner, and DANCE! We participated in all. Virgin drinks never hurt anyone.

I was pretty excited to get all dressed up for our night out on the town. But naturally did'nt want to wear any of my clothes (not cute enough duh). I asked my sister if she wanted to dress me, because she knows whats hott, and she was all for it. So once again (this happened at my birthday when we went to Mary Poppins) all the clothing and accesories I wore were hers. So all the credit goes to her for the stylish look.
My mom came over for the night to watch little Kinz. They had a great time by the way.
Before we left my mama snapped some "prom" pictures for us.
It does not get better than this.

Ready for some dancin...

I know. Look at these shoes. Look at them! I want to never ever give them back.

We are really really good looking.

That night was SO MUCH FUN. We were given drink card to get 4 alcholic drinks but since we don't do the whole drinking thing, we made some friends fast and gave away our cards. But still got free drinks of whatever else we wanted. Dinner was sooo delish. Since the partay was at this fancy country club we were fed well. PLUS dessert. Heaven. While eating dinner they do a drawing for prizes every year. And what do ya know, Philip got drawn and won $100! Um, YES!
When Phils name was read the guy said, "This guy isnt even working for us yet and is already making money!" haha. The people at our table mentioned that they had been for the past 4 years and still havnt been drawn yet-haha oops! But no worries we gave them our free drink cards and that made up for it.
Then, the dance started. Remember, this is Phils NEW internship. Meaning we did'nt know anybody. Don't worry, that did not stop me from going out and dancing the whole night on the dance floor while Phil watched. I made lots of new friends and Im sure everyone at his office thinks I am crazy. But it was so much fun! I might have been shy the whole night but when it comes to music and dancing I guess I can't help myself. Probably a good thing I don't drink, I would be way to crazy. I'm sure everyone thought I was drunk anyways.
Well Moss Adams you made a great impression on me. I am glad Phil is going to be working for you. He won't let you down. And maybe this job will turn into a long-term thing. If not, I might invite myself to your Christmas parties every year. Good dinner, great dance, and we got $100 bucks for coming haha.


Sara said...

So much fun! I'm glad you guys got to go out on the town!

Jessie said...

Christmas parties are one of the best things about being an adult. :) I know exactly how you feel about not drinking at those things. You looked soooo cute! A date night is so totally needed with a baby around.

The Thompsons said...

Bahaha this post is so funny. Just made me think of the good ol days when Don and Phil would sit on the side while we danced crazy and got hit on :)

emikk said...

you seem to be having more fun than a gopher in loose dirt! ..LOL