Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Step one.

We have taken a new step into our future, phil is now officially in school again. After hearing everyone at work and other friends (facebook) talk about starting school I could'nt be happier that I wont be starting. Husband on the other hand is back in the action. Talk about busy-he is crazy busy let me just inform you. But he is willing to work so hard for us and our future famiy. I know everyone gets busy when school starts, BUT monday AND tuesdays he leaves at 7 ish and gets home between 9 and 10 at night. I would go through the rest of his week but you get the point. Good thing he is a smartie pants and can handle stress well :) I brag about him at work and tell everyone how smart he is too.
I didnt wake up to take a picture of him on his first day but I did today for his 2nd day. He is so handsome. He was a good sport-for the most part haha.
All he needs is a lil lunch box...which we might get considering lunch there is expensive! boo.

Thumbs up for school.

Ok so, I am having a great time at work. It's still fun for me because it is all brand new! I have never worked in a restaraunt before so there is a lot to learn. I'm learning how to come out of my little shell and just talk to people. I must say that whenever kids come in I have a much easier time talking and playing with them than I do Adults. Although, some of the elderly people who are regulars there I LOVE! I wear a flower clip basically everyday and the older folks are always the ones complimenting it, so sweet. Some people are very friendly while others....well ya know. It is funny when you take someone to their table and they choose their own along the way. But it is fun and I love getting to talk to new people all the time. I am also pretty sure I am known as the freaky young married girl. Seriously when I meet someone at work they say "You're Married? Are'nt you really young?" or, "why did you get married so young?" It got kind of old after a while and a smidge annoying I guess you could say. Considering its my life and everything, but still I guess it can be wierd to some people who believe in a different lifestyle than I do. But my older sister gave me some good advice. She said to just make it an opportunity to share the gospel. So thats what I am trying to do and be positive about it :)
So anyways, Today I had a weird/really awkward conversation with someone who came in for a application. It went a little something like this:
They asked if I was a greeter
I said yes, a hostess
They said, I like hostess
I paused because that was strange. Then asked, The cupcakes? yes those are good.
Then he said, are you a hostess cupcake?
I replied, Uh no.
Thank goodness my manager came around the corner about 5 seconds later to talk to them about applications. But that was a long very awkward 5 seconds. The people laughed like it was funny, however I didnt.

I mean really do I look like a hostess cupcake?

Baha-yes maybe if I drew a squiggly line down the front of my shirt. Maybe thats why we are required to wear certain colors of clothes...so we look like hostess cupcakes. Just kiddin.
But it was funny.


Mm said...

bahahahha oh sope. i miss you.

Marilee said...

aww you cute little married hostess!! bahaha!! You really need to come visit soon, choir wont be the same without you. Who is gonna show me how to dance in comepany (if i make it). I luff you and miss you tons!!!

Jessie said...

You look cute and skinny, girl! You ain't no cupcake... er eating them either.

I know how it feels to work with different people ALL DAY LONG! Sometimes ya love 'em, and sometimes... ya just wanna strangle them. But I did learn that when people are cranky they're A: scared (surgery) B: having a cruddy day and the next time you seem them they will be nice or C: that's just their nasty attitude and it's too bad. Let it roll off your shoulders and be happy you!

P.S. If anyone asks, being married ROCKS!!!

Jessie said...

I really really want to get into digital scrapbooking. I've been looking at A LOT of stuff online for info, but don't know anyone personally to ask questions. Do you, your sisters, or anyone you know do digital scrapbooking? I would LOVE to talk! Thanks, Soph!

Jason and Emily Gardner said...

I love the expression on Phil's face in his "school pictures". I'm impressed you got him to pose, he really does love you alot!!! I hope phil doesn't miss all the attention when you guys have actual kids to send off to school instead of him. (;

Livin' it Up said...

hahahahaha oh soph! you are TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I love you! yay for Phil being smart! and yay for you not having to go back to school! :)

Raine said...

Come and get Logan!!!!!

Tami said...

Hey! So I realized the other day that your husband is in the same institute class Ryne and I are in! Crazy:) I can totally relate to life getting crazy once school starts- fun though!

Lauren Thompson said...

bahahahahaha why, you do look like a cupcake! Oh awkward people... remmeber that one time when we went to sonic and that guy would not leave! talking to us about our shirts and the basketball I had in the back seat...ya...and remember how we're "spooky married people"? just take it as a compliment that you're young and married. I think sometimes people get jealous. They had to wait a long time for Mr. Right to come along and yours swept you off your feet fast! and I agree with your sister. It's a good oppertunity to talk about the gospel.
this is a really long comment...I can't wait to see you. it's been too long!