Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Twenty Thirteen

Ok these first pictures are of the pumpkin patch/Vertuccio Farms we took the kids to. We had a great time.

                              Baiden was in Heaven.  He thought he was just one of the big kids.
                                                          Excited for the train ride!

                                          Doing whatever it takes to pet the animals.

   This year the Whole Weech clan dressed up. Be impressed because it might not ever happen again.

                                             I put makeup on her and she was in heaven.
                                               She couldn't be any cuter. Really though.

                   Little Red Riding Hood. Her Grandma. The lumberjack. The Big Bad Wolf.
                    Grandpa came to say Hi and bring the kids way more candy then they needed.


Lauren said...

I'm so happy you blogged. You should do it more often :) and your Halloween costumes were the bomb!

suraj said...

nice photoghaphs