Monday, July 26, 2010

Poor Baby

This is what I woke up to this morning. Isnt her little eye so sad?

This poor little girl has clogged tear ducts and one eye got infected :( so sad. But I took her to the doctor and they gave me a perscription to get some eye drops and its already looking better. Although with her cute little pouty face you might not think that haha.

Its nice to go to the doctor because she automatically gets a check up. And um, wow she likes to eat. She is now 5 weeks and 3 days and weighs 9 pound 6 oz. She is still little-but compared to her birth weight 6 lbs 11 oz-she is HUGE! haha-she is gettin chubby and its so cute!

I LOVE how she sucks her bottom lip in when she sleeps-its the cutest thing ever.

Happy Pioneer Day!

She really is a good baby. Only wakes up once and sometimes she goes 7 hours strait. So I feel very blessed. Phil starts school soon-and the intership with ING decided to keep him on for the school year so we are excited about that. What a blessing. Were all healthy happy and doing great.


Samantha said...

:( so sad! Glad its getting better tho!!! Glad you guys are doing good! Miss you!

Sara said...

Poor thing! Katie had one of those a few weeks ago and it was so sad! Now that Kinzi is getting chubbier some of her pics really do look like Katie. :) Not that pout though; that is unique!

Collin and Hannah said...

Hi Sophie,
My little girl had clogged tear ducts and my doctor told me to take a Q-tip and roll it up the tear duct a couple times a day and it would clean all the gunk out of there. It worked after about a week too. I've heard of some babies having those for months so its worth trying all these weird remedies. Good luck! She's adorable!

Emily Gardner said...

Poor little girl, she has the cutest faces though! We're so excited to get to see you guys this sunday for her blessing!
That's way sweet about getting to stay at ING! Does he like it better than working on campus?

Jessie said...

Not fair about the sleeping thing! Wow!!! Cross your fingers that it lasts. :) Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? Right before your eyes!!! It's amazing! I love, love, love, her pioneer bonnet. Lol! And her poor little eye. Jed had a clogged duct too, but thank goodness it didn't get infected.

Ashlee's Annals said...

Okay I have about 300 things to say. First of all, could your baby be any cuter? I submit that she could not! Second, I'm so sorry she has the goopy eye, that really is so sad. :( And third (I'll save the other 297 for later) you are so busted for not being at the reunion. I mean I know that your baby was being blessed and yada yada yada but are you aware that my husband and I were basically the only people under 90 years old in attendance? You think I'm exaggerating about the 90 years old thing, but we both know that Uncle Bill is like 105 so it's really pretty accurate. Anyway. Next year, you better be there. Or else.

Skinners said...

Guys! She is so cute! Congrats! Enjoy the cuddle time!