Wednesday, August 3, 2016

May 2016

May was good. We had some crazy surprises along the way which made it all exciting.

We've enjoyed our last little bit of good weather and played outside together.

 The kids also got ice cream cones that day too.  They must've been good.

 Phil's young men went to the airport for mutual one night.  They got to go and check out the jets. Baiden would've been so jealous had he of known.

Hudson just being cute one morning.

And enter the mischievous get in to everything stage.
 The boys being cute. Baiden is learning to be a good older brother and help Hudson out a lot.
 Happy Hudson.
 Mothers Day 2016 photoshoot. My favorite gift.
Most of the pictures look the same, but I love each of their faces in each individual picture.

 Lucky little Kinzi girl got to go to "Bring your child to work day" with her dad.  She chose to miss the petting zoo and school and join daddy that day.  She said her favorite part were the cookies and coloring!  I think she was able to eat as much food as she wanted all day.  She even got to call me from a satellite phone, but I wasn't around to answer, whoops.

 We used our pogo pass and took the kids bowling at fat cats. They had so much fun.

 Hudson enjoyed himself. Eating snacks and hanging out.
 And Baiden beat me....

 We got Baiden's Tball pics back and they couldn't be cuter. He had so much fun in tball this year and its been so fun to watch him.

Phil had a good time coaching and did a great job.

Another good shot of Baiden being the great brother he is. These two have a good time together.
 Hudson just getting into everything.

 He loves shoes, gloves, hats.

 Baiden's last Tball game and huddle.
 Kinzi had her musical theater performance.  She was incredible!! She really is such a natural up there on that stage.  She sang her solo nice and loud. And danced her little heart out. I was so proud of her.

 Baiden hung out during the show. Hudson stayed home and slept while our neighbors kept and ear out for him. We also had a garage sale going that day-crazy busy.  But we learned we will never do a garage sell again.

 Her cousins came to watch.

 Her Teacher Miss Lindsey-she loved her.
 All the kids gathering around their favorite person.

 Hudson entertaining me.

 Phil bought and built rockets with the kids and we planned on taking them to Pima when we went for Spencer's graduation and shooting them off.  Everyone down in Pima ended up having strep throat right around that time so we didn't want to risk it and stayed home instead.  The kids were pretty bummed so we drove a little ways out of the city to go shoot the rockets off.
 The kids had a great time, but I am pretty sure Phil had the most fun.

 And now for the surprise. We ended up buying the house right across the street.  The price was too good to pass up and the situation just presented itself. So we bought the house and rented out ours all within about a months time.  Move in date is May 30.

 This baby has been showing lots of attitude.
Baiden had his last day of preschool. He has come so far this year.  We loved the special Ed program he was in for speech.  He graduated from that in April and they moved him to a one day program that focuses just on speech for the last month and next year. He still gets to ride the bus Fridays so he is still happy as a little boy can be.

He is such a funny little guy. And his speech is great now.  Anyone can understand him now and he is really smart.  He loves to learn but only for so long.  Then he really needs to run around or ride his bike or something active. He can't sit for too long, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love this Baiden boy.
The father son camp out time came and I convinced Phil to take both boys so Kinzi and I could have a girls night.  Phil agreed as long as his didn't have to stay the night.  He needed to get stuff done the next day so it worked out well.
Kinzi and I started the night out with matching.
 The boys all ready to go and camp and get dirty and eat junk food and have fun.  There aren't any pictures from their day. But Phil said they had a great time running around, and they came home really dirty.  He said they walked around during the campfire and just kept asking for everyone else's food.
 Kinzi and I took lots of pictures. Selfies, to be exact. We went to dinner a Kneaders. Yummy sandwiches then treats after.

 We went to return a dress I bought at Khols and by surprise we found their makeup section. We could sample EVERYTHING.  Kinzi was not happy to have to go to Khols and return a dress as she was ready to go to skate land but as soon as she saw the makeup she was sold.
 I just let her do her thing. She was so funny.  She sampled everything she could.  At one point, she looked in the mirror and said "This looks horrible"

 I found some fun lipstick to sample, but way to pricey to buy.
 I had to convince her to leave finally, but then we were all ready to go!
 This picture is funny.  The lights went off literally as I took the picture.
 She was so funny out there skating.  The little walker was really helpful.  She had a rough time at first but never wanted to stop.  She really got the hang of it at the end.  However she really needed to walker. We tried a few times without it and it wasn't that great. But she never cried or complained after all those times she fell pretty good.
 I love this little girl to pieces.  I love getting to spend one on one time with her too.  All kids really need that time.
 Buying a new house and updating it means lots of trips to home depot.  The kids were being cute while watching a show on daddy's phone.  Oh how technology has saved us more times than we can count.
 Kinzi then lots her 3rd tooth!  It was so wiggly. I had her bite into an apple which really got it loose.  But she was too scared to pull it out. We went on a date and I let her babysitter know it might be coming out soon. Sure enough, our sitter text us that at dinner Kinzi pulled it out.  She was so proud of herself for pulling it out. 
 There goes Hudson with the gloves and hat again.
 When Fry's has Ben and Jerry's on sale for $2 a pint you go and buy them.  It was good comfort food while we started painting.
 Then our sweet Kinzi had her last day of school.  She has done amazing in Kindergarten.  She reads so excellent and has worked so hard.  She has made SO many new friends.
 When your neighbor friends/girlfriends are matching and you and your brother are matching, you take pictures at church.
(This was the day after we moved in, so I didn't know where Hudson's shoes were. No shoes for church that day)
 This last picture is in our new house and pretty much sums up the last few weeks of moving, painting, etc.  Exhausted.

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