Wednesday, May 18, 2016

April 2016

Since we didn't have enough traveling during march ;) the first weekend we headed to Pima for conference, but mostly so we could meet baby June finally.

Hudson fell asleep on the way, and kept his eyes half way open to be creepy apparently.

 Meeting baby June did not disappoint.  We all loved taking our turn holding her, especially me.
 Baiden surprisingly really loved holding her and was so cute with her.

 June doesn't seem too sure...
 Spencer got asked to prom, hence all the caution tape.  Phil found out he liked riding one of the kids bikes. Kid at heart.

 Hudson has been enjoying tball season and been carrying around a bat and ball whenever he sees one.

 And a hat. He's just a big goofball most the day.

 We had a few pretty hot days. We set up our own slip and slide in the back yard.  The kids had a blast.

 So much fun that Baiden fell asleep later that day.
 Kinzi has been really into doing the dishes lately.  I can bribe her with something if she gets to do dishes as the reward. It's so funny. There is usually a pool under her after, but I can't complain too much. She is doing the dishes after all.

 Oh did I mention I got a little burned the day the kids played in the water? I put sunscreen on Hudson and well you can see what I did with the excess left over on my hands...
 We had planned a fun movie night with the kids and watched the good dinosaur one Friday night.  Complete with pillows, blankets, and of course popcorn.
 I love sunday pictures with my baby!
 Looked outside to see Hudson chilling reading a book one day.

 He was in a silly mood, so we took some pictures.

 Kinzi didn't want to be left out.
 Hudson basically hangs out on the table all day. He climbs up and doesn't know how to get down. I came out to find this after breakfast one day.  Little goobers.
 Hudson also loves his ducky towel.  He says, "quack, quack" after we put it on him.

 I got to go on a field trip with Kinzi's class to the zoo.  I think these little girls spent more time wanting to pose for pictures than looking at animals.  They were cute-I just wish it wasn't such a hot day.  At one point they were singing a song they learned at school over and over titled "spring is coming and I know it" They were all so cute singing it as we walked around.

 Just a Hudson picture we sent to dad while at work.
 This is happening way too often.

 And apparently we took a lot of selfies this month.
 Church selfies.
 Baiden asked me to take this picture of him. He thought it was pretty cool.
 Been enjoying the last few weeks of outside play.
 Our little baby neighbor friend turned one and had a little fiesta to celebrate! Mustaches for all!

Hudson is finally starting to say a few things.  He signs all his needs, but now is starting to voice things more. He also nods yes or no to everything. So he's pretty funny to ask yes or no questions to.
This is the face he makes when he says, "HI" its the cutest little voice in the world, and he's so cute always.

 I love when Kinzi and Baiden are able to use their imagiantions and play together.

Kinzi also got lice this month.  Bleh. But, now I know how to deal with it!

And last but not least, we did the tough mudder again.  What a difference it was from last year.  I was in way better shape. We were all able to jog the whole 10+ miles.  And I really enjoyed every minute of it.  I had to pump myself up for a few of the obstacles but we did it all. So fun!

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Love all the new pictures, especially the sunscreen(less) legs! :)