Sunday, January 23, 2011

Date Night

A couple of weeks ago we had a date night with some of our favorite friends the Hammonds. And since they have the cutest boy around, yes, Kinz had a date night too.

(I don't know why but this one uploaded out of order dang it!)
This is after we were done being horrible moms and taking WAY to many pictures and posing our children.

Kinz couldn't get enough of Brant.

She was even showing him all her new "tricks."

(She just started doing this lately, haha)

Lean on me.

How cute are they, Honestly?

She loves him I know it. Even if he is a little younger.

I mean seriously look at that kid.

Thanks Hammond Friends. I'm so glad you guys have a baby so we still have someone to hang out with!
And Here are more (of course) pictures of Kinzi. I appreciate all the overload of Kinzi pictures at least. She is getting so big!

I think she is so dang pretty!

(and Stylin)


hkfarnsworth said...

ok kinzi is like the cutest thing i ever did see. i was laughing so hard at all these pictures. they are sooo sweet. and cute!! thanks for sharing! :) hope you guys are doing good.

Jay and RaeLynn McNeil said...

sophie! kinzi is dang sexy for a little gal! i can't believe how big she is. don't let her start dating too soon ;) miss you guys! call us next time you're up... i need my kinzi fix :D

Merrill Family said...

Oh my goodness she is so dang cute! She has the cutest clothes as well! You better watch her when she gets older because she is going to be what all the boys are after! :)

The Thompsons said...

bahahaha Kinzi and Brant love each other already...I can tell. They're just practicing for their engagement pictures :)

Livin' it Up said...

Hahaha I love her. She is SO cute! And pretty dang stylish! haha. I LOVE her little sandals!
Ahhh she is so cute!

And I love Brandt! Haha. He is seriously so cute!

Ashley said...

She probably has the cutest little clothes ever! . . . and her shoes. . . don't even go there!