Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last few weeks in pictures.

So this is whats happened since I last posted.
We Packed for our trip to Pima for Christmas and lost Kinzi in all the laundry

Kinzi met Santa for the first time. Yes she cried. And did'nt stop till we got her home. Although the fact that she was tired and hungry didnt help.
She met Santa another time. And did not cry at all this time around. She was just curios. This Santa was better :)

We all met Santa.

Played with cousins.

Opened Presents of course.

All the Weech Grandkids got to be together for the first time!

Matchy Matchy Family.

Had some play time with Great Grandpa and Grandma.

Also got to play with more cousins she doesnt see often in Pinetop.

Dallan boy even shared his truck with her. He must have really liked her.

Someone who I love the most had his 24th birthday!!!! Kinz and I got to meet him for lunch and then went for wings to Native New Yorker with some friends.
I also made Cheesecake for the first time. Reeses Cheesecake. Not bad, not bad at all.

What the Birthday boy came home to. ( we like sugar at our house if you can't tell by now)

And here is a cute Picture to tie you over till next time.


emikk said...

I feel like moving to Arizona! My Nephews live in Goodyear!

Jessie said...

Can I squeeze her?!? She is sooo cute! Wish I could actually meet her!

Musings of Mrs. Zale said...

I love all her headbands...did you make them???